Dear Captains and Players, 

After months of careful planning, consideration of available data, and communication with our local hosts in Austria, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 World Team Championship.

We understand that this will be a massive disappointment to all the teams and players around the world who have already invested so much time and money into preparing to play on the world stage, but the COVID situation in Austria, and Europe as a large, is still very uncertain. Vaccinations have not rolled out as quickly as initially promised, and many nations have already, or soon will be, going into yet another lock-down. The WTC requires months of pre-planning and coordination between a multitude of individuals and organisations, and currently there is no clarity as to what restrictions there will, or will not, be in August for running a large international event like the World Team Championship. At best, we currently can only hope that the situation would drastically improve to allow us to run a safe event. But even then there is nothing to say that things would not once again change for the worse at the last minute. It is this continued uncertainty that prevents us from planning a safe event, just as much as it makes it very difficult for teams and individuals to plan if they would be able to attend or not.

With this in mind the WTC TOs and local hosts will instead shift their focus to running the inaugural World Team Championship in Austria in August 2022. We intended to continue to engage the community throughout the coming year and will maintain regular communication and updates to ensure everyone is kept up to date.

So here’s to a COVID free 2022 and making the World Team Championship the world’s premiere team tournament!


The WTC TOs – Tom, Işık and Neil


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