The World Team Championship is an annual team tournament for the tabletop miniature game “Warhammer 40,000” amongst other tabletop games.

It is the premier event of Warhammer 40K where nations from all across the world come to compete as national teams to be crowned as the World Champions, and this harking back to the year 2006, when the first event of this ilk was held.

Any nation can join the WTC 40K as long as their 8 men roster meet our requirements which basically means most of the team need to be citizens of that country. This makes WTC the most diverse 40K event around the world.

The event takes place during a 4 day period where teams battle each other to collect the most points and be the Champions of the event. The team event is also preceded by a singles event where players both get to practice for the team event and compete against the best players across the globe.

But strategic gaming is not the only reason all those players com together. WTC is also a perfect stage for the best miniatures painters in the world to show off their skills, to provide armies to the players of their nation or come together in order discuss their arts. With national borders mattering little over plastic miniatures, such art discussions are a perfect place to debate brush techniques or converting your models to make them truly unique. Many great miniature painter is also a great player so it is common to meet the best of the best in WTC.

Our event is also a great place to bring players together, many friendships start and are rekindled in WTC. Although met only for a few days each year, the bonds formed traverse the distance and many people keep coming back just to see their old friends again and enjoy a night out after a hard day of tabletop action!

It is also a great event to connect younger and older generations, because of our events history, young adults who have seen their parents play our miniatures game are becoming of age and are even joining their respective national teams. Other young people, who find out about Warhammer 40K through local clubs and social media, make it a goal to join their national teams in order to join the group of WTC players and continue a tradition decades in the making.

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Structure and Organization

Mission Statement

The mission of the World Team Championship is to make nation vs nation Warhammer 40,000 team-play a globally relevant competition that is recognized as one of the best, if not THE premier team event in the world. We aim to effectively and efficiently administer, develop, showcase and promote competitive Warhammer 40,0000, while creating a positive and respectful environment for our attendees, as an event that can continuously grow to meet the evolving needs of the players and the global WH40K community.

Vision Statement

Warhammer 40,000 has been played internationally on a team level since originally appearing at the 2nd ETC (European Team Championship). From humble beginnings with 10 teams playing in Poland, the event has truly grown into a global championship with teams from New Zealand, Argentina and North America competing just to give a few examples. Driven by an intended ethos of “for the players, by the players”, a universal charter has governed all game systems under a chairmen-driven format. 40k has grown over the past 13 years, with 2019 seeing 36 teams competing from five different continents. This format had become unwieldy and strugged to satisfy the needs of the 40k players.

The international teams playing Warhammer 40,000 have made the decision to leave the ETC and start up the WORLD TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (WTC) in its wake, to truly cater to the needs of our 40K community and deliver a qualitative global championship worthy of the name WTC!

As the biggest tabletop miniatures game played worldwide, the World Team Championship launches in 2020 with Warhammer 40,000 front and centre. This event by design, from the name upwards is truly a global experience. The World 40k Teams are now in charge of their own destiny and there is an enforceable commitment from all involved that this is truly an event worth traveling around half the globe for.

The World Team Championship’s vision is to position itself as one of the world’s premier tournaments. The quality of the venue, terrain, and overall player experience is not up for negotiation. The fact that the WTC may be hosted by a different country/group of people year to year does not mean starting from scratch every single time. Centralized organization, lead by chosen leaders elected by the World Captains takes advantage of years of experience, whilst creating a growth focused environment to issue global 40k into a new age. An environment attractive to players, sponsors and the global media phenomena that is sweeping our game. There has never been a greater age of technological connection, with 40k streaming, coaching and discussion now an ever popular facet of our game. It is time for Team-play on an international level to embrace this.

Change is inevitable and so the 40k community is now looking ahead to this year’s inaugural 40k World Team Championships – details of which will follow once bids are finalized and all the captains and teams are in agreement.

Warhammer 40,000 is a game about war, not war about a game. See you at the World Team Championship to crown the 2023 World Champions!