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Meet the Team

Some visibility to the people that help make the WTC tournament what it is each year.

TO Neil “Skcuzzlebumm” Kerr


Being part of the WTC/ETC since 2009. Formerly Head Referee since 2014, now in charge of managing the event personnel; referees, volunteers, and support staff, to ensure the event runs as smoothly as possible for the best possible attendee experience. Furthermore, is in charge of coordinating and managing the multiple official streams to help give the WTC the best possible exposure as befitting its place as the world cup of 40k team events.

TO Işık “Pizzaguardian” Belül

Map & Table Master

Making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible is my mainresponsibility. Always try to keep things on track and as efficient as possible.

TO Tom “Tomhammer” Adriany

WTC Event Manager

Involved with the ETC/WTC since 2009. Has a thing for Rulespack and FAQ work, now manages the event from the logistics and administration end, and is in charge of keeping the helicopter view on all aspects involved with getting the tournament organised smoothly every year, with a big focus on improving the event from the player experience.

Fernando "Kerubus"

Branding & Design

Founder and designer at ‘KRB STUDIO’. Supporter, sponsor and partner of various Mexican communities and events like Merida’s 40k National or the Hidalgo GT to name a few. He got into 40k after watching the movie ‘Starship Troopers’ and is a veteran of the 3rd War for Armaggeddon campaign. Necron player, collector and enthusiast since their first codex came out.

CJ Stam

WTC consultant

Long time TO and Head Judge in the Dutch 40k scene. ITC rep and overal competitive gamer that loves to travel to cool events. One of the original Dutch WTC members. Founder and designer at Dutch Tabletop Terrain, and creator of many terrain maps. But above all a long time player of Aeldari!



Started playing back in 1998 and joined the community for the first time in 2009 as a player in Münster, came on board as the host for WTC 2020 in Austria, which was canceled because of the pandemic. Filling the necessary spot in the WTC team as a lawyer and increasing WTC abilities, specifically applying for subsidies, searching for partners and diligently distributing Alpine chocolate.


La Voz de Horus

Host of 'La Voz de Horus' podcast and coach of Team Spain, lover of bow ties during streaming and Chaos compulsive collector. 'La Voz de Horus' is the leader podcast about Warhammer 40k in Spanish, winner of several mainstream podcast awards in Spain. His passion about 40k lore and 40k gaming is contagious. He's currently helping WTC coordinate with the different streaming partners.

Jay “Mohawk” Middlecote

WTC Head Referee

Jay is the founder of Mohawk Miniatures, a professional painter and Twitch Streamer. Thrice ITC Best in Faction Imperial Knights. A former professional wrestler (allegedly he once wrestled a bear), Jay is now in charge of coordinating the recruitment, training and management of top-quality referees for the WTC referee corps. As Head Referee he is the primary person responsible for the smooth running of the WTC from a gaming perspective during the tournament itself; i.e management of tournament software, mediation of player disputes, coordinating captains, etc.

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