Get ready for a week of premium wargaming

August 6th to 11th

Meet the Team

Some visibility to the people that help make the WTC tournament what it is each year.

Tom “Tomhammer” Adriany

WTC Event Management

Involved with the ETC/WTC since 2009. Has a thing for Rulespack and FAQ work, now manages the event from the logistics and administration end, and is in charge of keeping the helicopter view on all aspects involved with getting the tournament organised smoothly every year, with a big focus on improving the event from the player experience.

Işık “Pizzaguardian” Belül

WTC Event Management

Making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible is my mainresponsibility. Always try to keep things on track and as efficient as possible.

Jay “Mohawk” Middlecote

WTC 40k Head Referee

Liam Baker

X-Wing TO

Francois Lesestre

Kill Team TO

Fernando "Kerubus"

Branding & Design

CJ Stam

Event consultant


Event consultant

Xandre "La Voz de Horus"

Event consultant

Mathieu Bach

Event consultant

Quentin DM (Darklap1nou)

Painting Crusade founder & lead organizer

The heart of the Painting Crusade revival: with a focus on community and quality, Quentin brings together artists and enthusiasts alike, fostering a welcoming environment for all. Through clear communication and careful planning, he ensures each Painting Crusade is a memorable experience, driven by a shared love for miniature painting.

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WTC 2024 Venue

Nekkerhal – Brussels North – Mechelen

Plattebeekstraat 1, 2800 Mechelen, Belgium

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