(This section is written for Warhammer 40,000, for other events check the Side Events section.)

Attending as a National Team

WTC Organization only accepts one team per country And the Tournament Organizers (TO) don’t usually intervene with each countries internal mechanism about how a team operates and select its members.

So, if you want to attend WTC first you need to check if your country already has an active team that attends WTC regularly, you can check these through the community tab on this website or through our contact list topic on our forum.

If your country already has a team, you should contact the captain of the team about how to join the roster and the procedures involved.

If your country doesn’t have an already existing team, or the team is inactive and doesn’t plan to attend the current WTC, contact us with a Captaincy Application Form HERE. One of our TO’s will guide you through the process on how to create a team and what duties are involved with being a captain.

As the WTC TO’s our default stance is not to be involved with a teams internal workings, however if you feel there is something that needs to be addressed you can contact from the form above.

Attending as a Mercenary Player

Every year some of the national teams might encounter some problems gathering a team of eight players because of last minute drop outs or simply not having a big enough player base that can make the trip. In such cases these teams can recruit up to half of their team from a pool mercenary players.

And in the case of the national team count remaining at an odd number, the TO’s will also form a United Nations team from the available mercenary candidates.

If you want to attend WTC but don’t have a national team or wasn’t able to join it, you can apply to be a mercenary player by applying on the FORM HERE.

Attending as a Referee

The World Team Championship is the premier competitive Warhammer 40,000 event in the world and combining that with the expansive nature of the rules, sometimes there might be different interpretations of them by the players. In those cases the WTC relies on its referees, a group of individuals that are some of the best across the globe and resolving disagreements and making sure the tournament moves ahead.

If you want to apply to be a referee, you can fill the FORM HERE. We are always looking for fresh referees to have a vibrant squad that will guarantee the best 40K event across the globe remains so.