Hello everyone,

We owed you a statement regarding the current worldwide measures taken to contain and mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 virus, and how this might affect the WTC tournament going forward.

Obviously we take this matter very seriously. The prime reason for having this event is to get the global 40K community together once a year for fun and games, and to meet those friends from across the different ponds you don’t get to see that very often. We see the WTC crowd as being one big family, and obviously we care a lot for everyone’s health and wellbeing because of it.

That being said, at this junction in time we simply can’t predict the future, and canceling the event 5 months ahead not knowing how the situation will develop seems a little drastic. We advise to wait until end of April to assess the situation and to make the call whether we can consciously have the event at all this year and if we postpone it to 2021. Our current opinion is that if travel bans, quarantines, and event size restrictions are still in place in any number of participating countries in May we will most probably/likely be forced to cancel the WTC.

In the meanwhile, we urge all of our players to be responsible, sensible human beings and do the right thing. Don’t go out unless you really need to. We advise all our participants, especially those coming from afar with big expenses to carefully consider the following:
A) To look into getting only refundable tickets for flights and hotels
B) If A is not applicable then to look into getting an insurance for if and when your trip/the event would get cancelled if the situation develops as such
C) To hold off buying tickets at all

For the moment, we are continuing with preparations for the event in concert with our local partners, in the hopes that the inaugural WTC can be held come August.

Until the next update, stay healthy and stay safe!