Another veteran team of the Championship, today we are introducing Team Norway!

Lets hear how Team Norway works from their captain Adam Keith Solumsmo;

  • How would you describe your WTC History?

” Norway first joined the WTC (previously ETC) in 2011. Gathering a team for the first year turned out to be an undertaking in itself and we were uprepared for the competitiveness of the event. From 2012-2014 recruiting members was difficult as the norwegian tournamnet scene was fragmented and divided. Due to the continued effort of key members, the Captain in that period, Espen Roligheten especially, the team continued to attend the tournament.

Team Norway of 2015-2019 were founded around a core of “fulltime” ETC-players, but started to see an influx of new players and thus a reduced need for mercenaries. Inclusion of a number of new players, as well as a partial revitalization of the Norwegian tournament scene, lended the team more presence and public support. Thus in later years Team Norway has a larger recruitment pool of potential player-candidates than ever before. Our rise to power is only a matter of time… “

  • How does Team Norway pick their team?

” After each World Team Championship, within the month, a vote amongst eligible candidates for for the position of Captain is held. The Captain may only be someone who has previously attended the WTC and he may only be voted in by previous members of WTC Team Norway.

After the Captain is voted in he selects his Vice-Captain. Together they make up the first two spots of the team. They then hand-pick the rest of the team, though a Bootcamp is often held to screen potential players, with the Captain having final say. A special care is taken to bring in new members.”

  • And finally, what is your aim for WTC?

“15th place and ultimately, top 10.”

You can find Team Norway on their Facebook page here!