Representing South America, Team Argentina is one of those countries that are travelling the longest to reach WTC. Now it is time to hear their strory of how they work hard to make the trip..

Led by Tony Gardella, the history of the team can be explained by them such as; “Well, team Argentina starts every year as a mere dream: there are so many things that have to work in order for us to be able to afford to travel that far, more so with the economic trouble in our country, that Wtc always seems impossible. In order to afford to go, we have sold raffles, we have sold our models, manufactured scenery for sale… we even had a “soda fund”! (every time a team player wanted a soft drink he would drink water instead and put the money for the team). And the reason for all of this is because it’s an amazing experience: just being there, representing the country with amazing people makes all worth it. “

Their team selection is quite limited because of the economical restrain put on them, but they aspire to have a pre-selected team in the future once they acquire more members.

When we asked them what their aspiration was, the answer was simply “to be able to attend “; which makes sense..

As the sole representative of Latin American at the moment, they are one of the countries that put “World” in World Team Championship!