Hello fellow WTC Community!

It is that time of the year again where we start a long process. The process of determining where WTC will head in 2022.

Before we kick off everything, i would like to explain how the process will work in the upcoming days.

What you see below is the timeline we are using for WTC 2021 – Austria with T-0 being the event date. (More announcements about WTC 2021 to come very soon)

We will be following that template for 2022 as well and the process will officially start with a captains vote early next year.

It is a long and slow process to organise a WTC with many steps involved. The very first one is actually deciding on a Local Partner, to work with us at the actual event site. Local Partner‘s are the official representatives of WTC on the location of the event, they find a venue that is up to WTC specifications, find logisitical solutions and sign necessary contracts for WTC to function.

Becoming a Local Partner is an entirely voluntary process, anybody can apply for the position. So if you think your community is up for the task, you have the skills and the guts to pull of what needs to be done, the job might be for you!

How can we apply to be a Local Partner and how will the process work?

The official start of this process will start in December, however in the meantime we will explore how a WTC is organised in detail in our upcoming posts. If you are interested in taking part, you can send a message to our Facebook page and one of the WTC TO’s will guide you through the application process, inform you of what a WTC needs in general and will assess with you how feasible would it be to organise a WTC with you.