It is time for the World Team Championship 2022!

First of all, dont forget to join the WTC discord community and WTC social media to make sure you are up to date with all the developing news while the event is going on.

And here are the necessary info pages for the event;


Warmaster GT

For Warmaster GT, registrations will start on 10:00 Tuesday morning and end on 11:15.

Don’t be late!


For WTC, registrations will start on 08:00 Friday morning and end on 08:30

You can also pick up your teambox from Thursday on during the open gaming time.

Thursday Open Gaming

For teams or players of teams arriving on Thursday, there is the opportunity to game openly on the tables that are set up (and this from 11 AM until 8 PM).

We of course ask that you take the time to leave the table in the same setup as you found it afterwards, ready for round 1 of the team event, and devoid of any clutter and garbage.

Temporary Event FAQ

To make sure all players/teams catch our latest rulings, we have started a temporary event FAQ, that will be outlining all the rulings made at the event and the latest ones prior to the event, so there are no misgivings on how some things should be played at the WTC.


Alternative Food Options

With regards to food, for those teams/players that have not opted to buy food from our caterer, we will be providing a limited amount of alternatives for sale at the venue:

  • Sandwiches (Chicken Curry, Ham&Cheese, Cheese, Boulet)
  • Sausage Rolls
  • Croissants
  • Pain au Chocolat

Ordering Food in

For teams that would prefer ordering in over the caterer or the sandwiches on offer, there is a one-stop website:

Just fill in the address of the venue in the dedicated space:

Plattebeekstraat 1, 2800, Mechelen

And then select one of the fast-food places you would like to order from. Be aware that most of these places have a 45 minute waiting time, so order well in advance, and be aware that some of these places might not deliver food at times the WTC has a food break, so doublecheck opening hours. You can also install the takeaway app on your phone and order online that way which is probably the preferred option.

Supermarkets Mechelen

There are some super-markets near the center or near the venue (20 mins walk)  where players can go shop for their own lunch if they like. We have provided microwaves so if players want to buy something from the supermarket to heat up at the event, that is perfectly plausible. Just need to allocate some time in the evening or days before the event to do some shopping, or send out a coach to do that during the day somewhere.

In any case, teams that did not purchase food from us will be responsible for managing their own time. Teams that impact our event timing due to being out for food and late for rounds will be heavily penalized on the spot. And please: NO EATING WHATSOEVER at the gaming tables. We have a dedicated food court area for that.

Also, the bar is the only way for the event to balance the books and potentially pay a little for the terrain and mats this year, so we will be adamant that no drinks from outside the venue are consumed on-site. Of course the social drinking, like exchanging of liquors, is perfectly fine, as per our traditions, but bringing in say, coca cola, because it is cheaper from the supermarket will not be condoned. We kept our prices as reasonably low as we could.

Going Out at Night

We have some recommendations for teams that like to go out and grab food together in the evening.

Huidevettersstraat 7 2800 Mechelen

This is a foodmarket place, a bit off the center but walking distance (10-15 mins) from most hotels with lots of little stands to grab all sorts of foods, from indian to fish to traditional belgian cuisine.

Grote Markt 13
Sava is a famous Spanish tapas restaurant.

Begijnenstraat 3

Great Italian place.

Veemarkt 20

Typical Sushi & wok.Tempura, dim sum, loempia’s, noodles, curry’s, vegetarian wok and sushi.

Wollenmarkt 22-24

A-typical Burger place for those who like meat.

Korenmarkt 19

Mexican place.

Great place for the meat-lovers..

Gathering & Socials


For the Thursday evening after Warmaster GT concludes we suggest teams that have arrived and settled in already to meet up at Vismarkt. This is a very nice area close to the Sint Rombouts Tower with lots of pubs/opportunities for food. This way we can all chill and relax in the center of Mechelen as we prepare for the upcoming WTC.


For the Saturday evening social gathering we suggest teams to meet up at the summer bar Gazon Gaston. 

It is a short walk from the city center. Burgers are on sale there, and there is a french fries place and other fast-food options in the direct vicinity, it would be an ideal place for all the teams to meet up and spend the evening together. We suggest meeting at 21h since the place will close somewhere around midnight.

And lets not forget our sponsors and partners for the event! Check them out and show them some needed appreciation!