WTC  is proud to announce it will be pairing up with TSportsNetwork for the media coverage of the event. They will be creating video content leading up to the event; such as interviews with key members of the various international 40k communities that participate in the WTC. Most importantly they will be live streaming multiple tables from the event directly to you!

But who are the TSports Network? Let’s Rob from TSN explain:

“The TSports Network have been developing tabletop live streaming for 4 years and have always had our eyes on how best to cover team tournament Warhammer. We have started producing multi-table coverage for singles events at the beginning of the year and can’t wait to apply it to the WTC in 2021. This is such an exciting time to be a part of the hobby and game, and the WTC organisers have been amazing in bringing us up to speed on what we would need to do to deliver the best coverage for this event. We are completely community funded and transparent, and we are always looking for people who want to collaborate or be a part of what the TSN is aiming to be so please do reach out. For more information please visit our website or hit us up on Facebook.”