Team Wales

“We are Team Wales 40k. We like toy soldiers and sheep and we’re here to play some games”.

Each team in the World Team Championship has their own history, peaks and troughs with their event placings. Team Wales has had a number of strong finishes, with 2015’s 5th place at its peak.

Some teams have rigorous trials and qualifying process, however with Wales being a smaller nation it is a little harder to run “official” qualifying events due to the sheer numbers of players. As such Team Wales run a series of events through the Allies of Convenience podcast page, and use those to scout out potential Welsh players who may be interested in joining the Welsh team.

In 2020 Team Wales has seen 4 new players join the team through running these local events, and they continue to find more Welsh players in the 40k scene. We are excited to see what the team will achieve this year, and if you join us in this excitement you can follow Captain Gaz Jones and Team Wales via TeamWales40k Facebook page.