Team Romania is a friendly, familiar face for the World Team Championship, as they have been attending since 2012.

Team Romania started at the World Team Championship backed by a small community, with the team formed of friends from the same friendly local game store (flgs). Over the years the community has grown, and they now have a number of qualifiers, with participants from more and more cities within Romania.

Team Romania goes through a very standard selection process; the existing team vote for the next Captain, and they form the new team based on past WTC performance, local tournaments and qualifiers.

Every year the team try to improve their game and hobby, they are super proud of their Best Painted Army in 2016 at Athens. This years team’s aspiration for WTC 2020 is a top 10 finish, and while there may not be an official prize for it, but they hope for best dressed team.

If you wish to follow the teams progress, and hopefully get a sneak peak at their hobby progress, head on over to their Facebook Group.