The World Team Championship has a number of new teams joining us in 2020, and we are super excited to include Japan in that list.

Japan is a new team in the making. With Games Workshop’s recent focus on Japan, opening more Warhammer stores than everywhere in the world. The community is growing very fast, with the introduction of a number of tournaments. The team tournament concept is new to Japan, with the first tournament being held on the 23rd of February.

For a long time, the foreign community (predominately US Army members and the French) have been the only competitive force in Japan, winning most of the tournaments. However, recently with the help from local store Giant Hobby in North Tokyo, the locals are now a force to be reckoned with.

For those who are familiar with new teams entering the World Team Championship, a first time attendance can be difficult to put together a team. Captain Dufour Thomas has a focus to find at least 4 Japanese locals who can afford the travel, who can speak good English, and can compete at the World Team Championship level. It’s a tough ask. The remaining 4 spots will be selected from their community, albeit they may not be Japanese nationals.

The soon to be released application Fukukan (aide-de-camp) will have a yearly championship that cover all Japanese players, with the aim to assist in selecting the best players for the team.

Dufour and his team are looking to work with other countries in their region, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand in a hope to start a localised version of the World Team Championship, the Asia Team Championship. This will be used as a launching pad for next years Worlds, run in May 2021.

We wish them all the best, and are glad to see another set of friendly new faces join the fold.

Follow the team’s progress on Twitter.